Indication: prevention and treatment of repetitive stress injuries (RSI) and/or cumulative
trauma disorders (CTD), wrist ligament affections, joint protection and stabilization,
treatment and prevention of sprains, tendonitis and moderate tenosynoivits, reduction and
prevention of muscle fatigue due to overwork. Protects the palm during work. By keeping
the fist on neutral stance and warm, it is good for pain relief and injury recovery.
How to use: open it, insert thumb through orifice and adjust it to handpalm. Close the
adherent closings to be comfortable and not to impair blood circulation.
Cleaning: After washing it with water and neutral laundry detergent, rinse and dry it at room
temperature. Do not use washing machine.
Material: Adjustable and anatomic shape
Great compression
Excellent elasticity
Resistant sewing
High durability
Composition: 100% Polyamide
Seek a professional for advice