Indication: During the sleep, the face muscles relax completely. So, the tongue and other
throat tissues tend to fall and block the respiractory tract. The air that goes through the
obstructed tract causes vibrations, which are the snoring. The Take Care Anti-Snoring Belt
acts by keeping the lower jaw up during sleep, allowing the air flow to be open and
eliminating the vibration that causes snoring.
How to use: Before sleep, put belt vertically around the head and jaws and fit the side
orifices to the ears; lock it with the Velcro ® in a way to keep mouth comfortably shut.
Cleaning: After washing it with water and neutral laundry detergent, rinse and dry it at room
temperature. Do not use washing machine.
Material: Adjustable and anatomic shape
Great compression
Excellent elasticity
Resistant sewing
High durability
Composition: 100% Polyamide
Seek a professional for advice