The axillary crutches have a light and resistant structure plus setting for different heights
through easily adjustable and safe locks. Allow balance, support and standing aid when
necessary to preserve the low limb. The anti-sliding rubber tip and hand support ensure
safety and comfort when using them.
Indication: for balance and stability during walk. It aims at reducing/eliminating excessive
pressure on low limbs.
How to use: the axillary support must be adjusted approximately 5 cm (2 in) under armpit to
avoid discomfort and postural changes. Measure with loose arm along the body. To use it,
position crutch aside and a little front to the foot, leaning on it and then moving the
functional leg ahead.
Cleaning: do not use products that dry rubber up.
Material: Light and Resistant
Adjustable to different heights
Bears up to 120 kg (264 lb) – the pair of crutches
Composition: Aluminum, Rubber, Polyurethane
Sizes: S/M/L
Warning: read all info for correct use. They were written to present the benefits of the
product if used properly and safely. Use must be prescribed by specialist. Any other use must
be prescribed by specialist too.
Disclaimer: when not using it, keep it from heat, light and humidity.
Seek a professional for advice.