How to use: position arm onto sling resting it with a right angle, in order to keep a good blood circulation,
preventing pains and tinglings to the arm. Pass sling around the neck and adjust it to the buckle. Adjust height
using the small bands. Wrap the waist with the underband and adjust it. The long section of the fabric must be
positioned behind shoulder, keeping it up. For comfort and protection, adjust cushion at the neck area.
Cleaning: After washing it with warm water and neutral laundry detergent, rinse and dry it at room temperature.
Do not use washing machine.
Warning: Read info on the package helps you properly use the product, to ensure the benefits that the product
offers when safely and adequately used. Seek professional guidance before using it. Suspend use and report to your
doctor in case of allergenic reaction. Do not use it on injured and/or wounded skin. Any other use of this product,
including post-surgical, must be followed by medical instructions. When not using it, keep it from light, heat and
Material: Adjustable and anatomic shape.
Resistant sewing.
Great compression.
Composition: Nylon, Cotton and Polyester.
Sizes: S/M/L/XL
Seek a professional for advice.