INDICATION: light wrist affections, such as prevention and recovery in cases of arthritis, tendonitis, sprains,
moderate tenosynovitis, treatment of RSI (Repetitive Strain Injuries) and/or CMT (Cumulative Trauma Disorders),
joint protection and stabilization, reduction and prevention of muscular fatigue caused by exhaustive work. Keeps
the wrist on a neutral position and warm. Indicated to injury recovery and pain relief.
How to use: put the splint on the right or left hand and insert thumb into orifice. Adjust the adherent closings
compression, but never impairing blood circulation.
Cleaning: After washing it with warm water and neutral laundry detergent, rinse and dry it at room temperature.
Do not use washing machine.
Material: Adjustable and anatomic shape.
Resistant sewing.
Great compression.
Composition: Fabric – Cotton; Inside Splint – Polypropylene.
Sizes: S/M/L/XL
Colors: Black, Beige.
Seek a professional for advice.