The Anatomic Immobilizer Walker Boot has a light and resistant structure, with a slight tilt to ease walking and
side aluminum shafts for safety. Its anatomic shape adjusts itself to the foot and ankle, ensuring a proper
immobilization. Its internal covering keeps heat and allows perspiration, but also keeps comfort due to is internal
quilt. It has a thermoplastic rubber sole, durable, and may be worn on right or left foot.
Indication: Stabilized fractures, in absence of deformities.
Dislocations, sprains and severe injuries to the ankle.
Resting and articular alignment in cases of rheumathoid arthritis deformities.
Replacement to casting.
How to use: Open the adjustable bands and wrap foot and leg with the fabric covering. Adjust it through the
adherent buckle, positioning the heel to the back section of the boot. Close the adjustable bands, starting with
those next to the ankle, then the others. If needed, adjust them for a better immobilization. Recommended use of
thick socks to avoid discomfort.
Cleaning the covering: Take the covering off the boot. Wash it manually with water and neutral laundry detergent.
Do not wash and/or dry with machine. Do not bleach or use solvents to remove stains. Keep it in the shade to dry,
vertically, without twisting it. This product cannot be ironed, nor vapor treated. Do not dry clean it. When washing
it, keep adherent closings together or covered to avoid damage. These info help the proper maintenance of the
Material: Light and anatomic structure that allows greater comfort and eases walking
Composition: Polyester, Polyurethane and Thermoplastic rubber.
Warning: Read info on the package helps you properly use the product, given they were thought of the benefits the
product offers when safely and adequately used. Seek professional guidance before using it. Do not use it in your
sleep. Suspend use and report to your doctor in case of allergenic reaction. Do not tight it much to impair blood
circulation. Do not use it on injured and/or wounded skin. Any other use of this product, including post-surgical,
must be followed by medical instructions. When not using it, keep it from light, heat and humidity.

Seek a professional for advice.