Knee Immobilizer


50/60/70 cm/Beige/Large (50/60/70 cm/Bege/Largo)
50/60/70 cm/Beige/Narrow (50/60/70 cm/Bege/Estreito)
50/60/70 cm/Black/Large (50/60/70 cm/Preto/Largo)
50/60/70 cm/Black/Narrow (50/60/70 cm/Preto/Estreito)

The knee immobilizer has a resistant structure that allows an effective and comfortable immobilization. Anatomically
manufactured, it has fixed rear shafts, modelled accordingly to the knee curvature and side splints, which may be positioned
depending on the leg circumference. It allows adaptations according to the needs due to an adjustable compression system.

INDICATION: Traumas to the knees, as replacement of casts.
Training for orthostatsims in paralysis of low limbs.
Unstable cases of arthrosis and rheumatoid arthritis
How to use: Loose the closings and completely open the product. Then, position it so the shafts click with the rear section of
the knee. Fasten the central strip at the knee cap and adjust the side splints as necessary to be right. Finally, close the remain
adherent closings from up to down.

Cleaning: Wash manually with water and neutral laundry detergent, never using washing or drying machines, nor bleach and
solvents to remove stains. Dry in shade, vertically, never twisting it. This product cannot be ironed nor vapor treated. Do not
dry clean it. When washing it, keep the adherent closings together or covered in order to avoid damage. These info help the
proper maintenance of the product.

Material: Light and anatomic structure that allows a comfortable immobilization.
Immobilizes the knee in a simple and effective way.
Available in two sizes: LARGE and NARROW.

Composition: Polyester, polyurethane, cotton, polyamide, elastofibre, aluminum shafts.

Warning: Read all hereby info for proper use. In case of allergenic reaction, suspend use immediately. Do not tight it much to
disrupt blood circulation. Do not use on bruised and/or wounded skin. Keep it away from sun, light and luminosity when not
in use.
Seek a professional for advice.